ETHS falls short of making Newsweek’s Top 500 Schools


In a recent release of  Newsweek’s top 500 high schools in the nation, ETHS did not make the list.

Newsweek sends out a survey to schools that perform above the 70th percentile for their state. Although ETHS received this survey last year they did not this year, even though schools like Buffalo Grove  and New Trier did, ranking 442 and 14.

“Ranking in the the top 20 is nice, but our real indicators are year to year,” said Asst. Supt.  Peter Bavis. “There is also a lag to these ratings, the data they use could be two or three years old.”

Newsweek’s methodology for picking the top schools contains multiple variables, including, the percentage of students who were enrolled in college, how many students graduated, the SAT and ACT scores of last year, the dropout rate and more.

“Our most significant measure of success is building an equitable learning community that inspires and prepares all students to reach their career and college goals,” said Evangeline Semark, Director of Communications at ETHS.

According to other publications like U.S News and the Washington Post, ETHS is considered to be in the top 2 or 3 percent in the state. On May 27, PBS Newshour did a feature on ETHS and how they are shrinking the achievement gap for minority students by setting a high bar.

“Newsweek clearly doesn’t reflect what a great school ETHS is,” said junior class board president Alex Moore.