School website gets a makeover


Navigating the old ETHS website had become second nature for many of us, but it was time for a change.

“We changed the overall design of the site to make it less complicated and more visually appealing using the school’s new logo and brand standards,” said Evangeline Semark, director of Communications and Engagement.

According to the goals listed in the project plan from last winter, “The site serves as a far- reaching marketing tool that engages our many audiences worldwide, celebrates our unique history, current successes, and maximizes ETHS’ reputation as one of the top high schools in the United States.”

The website offers a secure login feature for students and staff. Students can “sign in” to the new website using their ETHS network login and password and have access to secure student-specific pages, such as a page with access codes for library databases.

“The old website could only be translated into Spanish and families have told us that having multiple language translation options makes information feel more accessible,” said Semark.

The new website can be easily translated into nearly every language spoken by ETHS families, such as Spanish, Haitian, Creole, French, Arabic, and Urdu.

“This helps eliminate barriers to accessing important school documents and information, such as the bell schedule, information about registration, course descriptions, and the kinds of support available,” said Semark.

It is also easily accessible and usable on all devices such as tablets, smartphones, and chromebooks.

“Nearly two-thirds of cell phone owners view websites from their mobile devices. The refreshed website uses a “responsive” designed that meets user needs of any device,” added Semark.

Despite the new features of the website, some students aren’t open to the change.

“The new website is cool and well designed, but the old one was just as useful, so I don’t see the point in wasting the money on a new one,” said Miara Handler, senior.

The biggest concern that students have with the new website is its accessibility.

“It’s hard to navigate and find things that I’m looking for,” said Matteo Di Bernardo, senior.

Although the website will take time to figure out, a new search engine will make the transition easier.

Semark explained, “Our new website uses an automated Google search engine that relies on software known as ‘spiders’ to crawl through all the new pages of our site.  We should see a huge improvement with the search function once Google includes the new content in its search results.”

It offers an intuitive user experience that improves the organization and presentation of content so that visitors can find the information they seek at-a-glance.

“It will provide our primary audiences with a personalized experience, giving them access to an array of informative resources and online tools to help them get their questions answered, gain and understanding of what ETHS can offer to help them be successful, and keep informed about different activities happening in the school,” said Semark.