Race for Nolan Robinson’s successor heats up

Grace Fay, In-Depth Editor

Get your cheery morning voice ready, because Nolan Robinson is holding breakneck

auditions for his announcements spot.

“The next announcer will have to be excited and bursting with energy every

morning,” current announcer Nolan Robinson remarks.

Wake-Up Wildkits is a daily tradition that every Wildkit must go through to truly

understand the experience of high school. Robinson was the first student to do them and they have been a part of the Wildkit experience ever since.

“It was on my high school bucket list to give the announcements, so one day I walked in and asked if I could do them. Dean Driscoll and I announced them. I announced for Driscoll the week after because he wasn’t there, and I have just been doing them ever since,” Robinson says.

Yet the infamous voice of Wake-Up Wildkits is graduating this year, leaving the spot

open. And candidates have started lining up.

Robinson proposes finding a freshman or sophomore so they can be in the position for a while. But others feel that having a senior do it would be much more fun. So if people don’t like

them, it’s only for a year. Junior Sam Bailey, who wants to spice up the announcements a little bit, is one of those people.

“I’d want to make the announcements more fun and change it up a little every day. Put

some spin on it,” Bailey says about his bid for the announcements.

Bailey wants to team up with fellow junior Asher White to take over Robinson’s spot. Both are seasoned members of YAMO, so if they win the spot, there are sure to be some interesting mornings at ETHS.

While Wake Up Wildkits can be fun and informative, they are early in the morning and sometimes no one, not even the announcer, is ready for them. It really is a balancing act. Whoever takes over next year will have to master that to make sure they aren’t subject to the wrath of the tired teenage student body.