Dr. Eric Witherspoon announces plan to run for president

Katy Donati, In-Depth Editor

Race for the White House.

ETHS’ own Dr. Eric Witherspoon announces education and the bettering of the youth of America will be his running platform for his 2020 campaign.

“I think that the youth of our country have not been given enough of a voice in today’s society,” Dr. Eric Witherspoon says. “I am of a believer that as they look to the future all of us are going to be better off.”

Following the latest polling numbers, 75 percent of ETHS students said they would back Witherspoon in the upcoming election.

“He genuinely cares about every student and adult in Evanston. None of his actions are fake or motivated by anything other than love for the people in his community,” Student Rep. Honore Allen says. “That kind of love is rarer than it should be and I’m so thankful I’ve gotten to see it in action at ETHS.”

Witherspoon already has clear plans for the future and a platform that many students have no trouble standing behind.

“If I were elected I would advocate for more student representation in all levels of government,” Witherspoon says. “We should really reconsider the age requirements for different offices and understand that high school students have a great deal to offer to our country.”

Previous to Witherspoon’s announcement regarding the importance of Education in his upcoming campaign, Betsy DeVos, the pick for Education Secretary by current President Donald Trump, was confirmed. Protests have erupted nationwide to show lack of support for approval.

Devos, a firm believer in programs such as vouchers, now has the power to drastically impact the lives of every student in America. Devous, with no experience running any type of public schooling institute, has shown she has little knowledge of previous educational policies and programs and has already done enough to make much of the public believe she is not the right choice for this position.

“I think that we need leaders who are good critical thinkers, instead of criticisers,” Witherspoon comments. “In my mind, a good public school system is absolutely vital to a healthy democracy.”

Witherspoon also announced earlier this week he would ask the Pomkits to be his Campaign Manager and hinted towards a choice a VP.

“I know the Pomkits are going to bring the energy and enthusiasm to lift up attention to this campaign,” Witherspoon says. “For VP, I am going to chose Dr. Campbell because I think it is important that I chose somebody that I already have a good working relationship with.”

Witherspoon and our current President Trump have few similarities, but one that does stand out is that both Witherspoon and President Trump, prior to announcing that their plan for presidency, have not held any political office. But this doesn’t worry Witherspoon.

“I’ve always believed that Wildkits have a deep understanding of issues going on in the country, and so if I can have the backing of Wildkits then I’m sure I am going to do okay,” Witherspoon says.