The best trends of 2016

The best trends of 2016

Billy Krupkin , In-Depth Editor

  1. Obama-Biden Memes

It’s fitting that the most “woke” president and vice president of the United States have a social media phenomenon that represents them perfectly. The apparent bromance between the two has made the memes ever more relevant, and while they aren’t just a local trend, they are beloved by ETHS students.

“I think my favorite part about them is that in my head, that’s what their relationship with each other is actually like,” freshman Jackson Hamrick says.

With the anxiety stemming from the election, many students were looking for something to smile about, and this did just the trick. Though the two men are leaving office in just over a month, their internet humor has created a brightened atmosphere amidst political controversy in the community.

2. #normalizeselflove

This hashtag has become increasingly popular due to its positive message surrounding self-esteem and the portrayal of students on social media. Many students in the school have taken to social media to express their contentment with themselves, and encourage others to do the same, all posting with this same tag.

“I got a bunch of my supportive friends together and we all posted selfies and flooded people’s feeds,” senior Anna Mondschean, who started the movement, says. “ It was empowering to see and to participate in, and it only grew from there.”

The movement also encourages people to not worry about what other people think of their social media posts, and to post pictures that make them feel proud and confident.

3.    GamePigeon

GamePigeon was introduced following the iOS 10 iPhone update in September, and has taken off since then. The app, which is installed within iMessages, allows users to play simple, popular games such as 8-Ball Pool, poker, and checkers, while allowing players to directly communicate with their opponent.

“You have the opportunity to play against friends as opposed to the computer, or having to go through a complicated process to play a multiplayer game,” junior Jay Moore says.

Moore adds that the easy mode of communication is his favorite aspect of the app.

Often students complain about data usage due to the games they play on their phone, and an added benefit of GamePigeon is that it uses no more data than an average text message.

4. Hamilton

This musical has taken the country by storm, and Evanston has been no stranger to this. The historical relevance of Hamilton has made it ever more enticing to students, as often times it directly relates to what they are studying in class.
“My favorite part about Hamilton is the soundtrack,” junior Olivia O’Brien says. “Basically memorizing it was how I passed my last APUSH test.”

O’Brien adds that while the raps that are used in the play may be cringeworthy at times, they still appeal to many students, especially with the announcement of a Hamilton mixtape.

5. Crocs

            Most people grew out of Crocs when they were still in elementary school, but the rubber sandal/shoe has made a comeback in 2016. The revival was spurred by the girls volleyball team, and the entire team was inspired enough to wear Crocs during the fall pep rally. At least one teammate would wear the shoes on gameday as well.

“Some of us were just rocking the Crocs and everyone was like, ‘Wow, they really are doing that’,” senior defensive specialist Reed Frazel says.

While many smirk or ridicule even the very thought of Crocs, students continue to populate the halls with the squeaky rubber shoes on their feet. This brings back a no shame-type attitude, and those who wear them do so with pride.

6. Houseparty

An app similar to Skype and FaceTime, Houseparty has become a popular social media outlet for students by enabling them to communicate in group settings. The app allows for up to eight people to join a video chat group, and has become very popular due to its easy connection process and simple nature.

“Instead of just calling someone, you can just go on the app at the same time as them, which makes that process much easier,” sophomore Peyton Vannatta says.

“Obviously it’s primarily used to socialize, but I could see it being used to study with groups of people if not everyone can physically meet up,” Vannatta adds.

7.   New Balance

New Balance are often stereotyped as a “grandpa shoe”, due to their more simplistic design and the fact that they are in fact very popular among the elderly community. However, many male students have found a new love for the shoe, and popular models such as the 574, 530, and the 624 are not hard to find in the halls.

“I kind of like how they’re simple,” junior Henry Finer says. “I’m not a huge Jordan guy with all the fancy designs and stuff. They’re good quality, they’re not too expensive, and they’re just good looking shoes.”

While the simple designs may not be as eye-catching as other popular kicks, the rise of New Balance has brought back the idea that the best shoes aren’t always the most expensive ones.