Teachers report

New teachers reflect on the first half of the school year

Teachers report

Grace Fay, In-Depth Editor

As the world reflects on the drastic changes of the past year, teachers in Evanston are looking at their own upheaval of moving to a different school.

“I think everyday is challenging and different, but there are such wonderful things happening everyday in this school,” Alexa Sorock, a first-year history teacher, says.

It is no secret that ETHS prides itself on high expectations not only for students, but staff as well. One of the reasons that teachers move to the school is because of their inclusive environment and open dialogue on issues in the community and around the world.

Coming from smaller schools with fewer resources, ETHS can be a big change. Sorock is just one example of a teacher who experienced a large change moving.

“I came from a city school where we had about 600 students, and I knew all of them and all of the staff,” Tina Lulla, a science teacher in her second year at the high school, explains.

While the sheer size of the school might be overwhelming at first, for both staff and students, pretty soon people find their niche. With over 245 teachers, and an incredibly diverse student body, many teachers are attracted to it. When teachers come to ETHS, they usually stay here for a very long portion of their careers. It is a place that fosters education not just for a few, but for all.

It is also a place where teachers can experience all the benefits of a single school district while continuing to have an impact on students from all backgrounds, in all circumstances.

“I was ready to move out of the large Chicago Public School system, but I didn’t want to lose the work that I had been doing there,” Lulla explains. “At my previous schools the population was primarily low income and primarily Black and Latino. So when looking for a suburban school to move to, I was looking for a school with a lot of diversity.”

There is so much available at ETHS, to the teachers and the students. So when prospective students get excited to go to ETHS, teachers do as well. Some might want a change of administration, some a secure and long term career, and all want a part of something that is unique to ETHS: the community.