Athletic training program gives students behind-the-scenes look at sports

Athletic training program gives students behind-the-scenes look at sports

Katy Donati, In-Depth Editor

You don’t need a vault like Simone Biles, or even Serena Williams serve to earn a Varsity Letter this year. The Athletic Training program allows students to join a team that learns skills to treat athletic injuries and provides first-aid to all student-athletes.

“I think the most useful skill as an athletic trainer or athletic training student is awareness,” says Head Athletic Trainer Megan Smalley. “Being aware of what’s going on around you at practices and games and anticipating potential problems.”

The program also gives students an introduction into practical skills such as how to wrap ankles, treat a turf burn or skin rash, as well as other techniques to aide student-athletes.

“On an average game day we start off by helping the players warm up, wrapping them, etc.,” says junior Jade Johnson. “After that we distribute water and ice to all the fields and gyms, and finally we end the day hanging out in the trainers room making ice bags and treating any injured athletes that come in post-practice or game.”

The program is open to anyone who is interested. Any student can join regardless of no prior athletic training background or experience. They are required however to participate at least two days a week, and two Saturday’s a month. But, for most trainers this is a walk in the park.

“We end up going most days after school and most Saturday mornings,” says senior Erin Lynch and sophomore Kaelie Hamilton. “The ability to go to all of the sports games and be on the field/court is pretty awesome.”

        The program, run by Head Trainers Megan Smalley and Dan Condux, is fairly easy to join. If interested a student can sign up just as any other sport online using the ETHS 8-18 website, and once a pink slip is turned in its down to business.

        “I chose the club because I really wanted to be a doctor,” says sophomore Emily Connors. “Through this program I have really found a passion in sports medicine and have gained a lot of valuable experiences.”