Students, staff aim to make prom a safe place for all students

Annie Doyle, In-Depth Editor

While some schools discourage LGBT students to be out and proud at school dances, ETHS wants its students feel accepted no matter what gender their date is.

“I think our school culture and diversity lends itself to acceptance for all students,” says Student Activities director Nichole Boyd. She also says by cultivating a culture of respect, prom can be fun for all students.

With prom only weeks away, many students are stressed about finding a date or the perfect dress, but students who identify as LGBT are worrying about acceptance, safety and whether they can enjoy the dance as other students.

Many high schools across the country don’t share Evanston’s accepting attitude of LGBT students.

According to, a leading legal organization for crimes of discrimination and violence against LGBT people, a school in Fulton, MS. tried to refuse a lesbian student from wearing a tuxedo and bringing her girlfriend to prom. The American Civil Liberties Union helped the student sue the the school, and caused them to create a policy allowing all students to go to prom no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Our school is certainly more accepting than high schools in Mississippi. “I feel pride in my school and my fellow students for letting them bring whomever they want,” says junior Mae Hurtig. “LGBT students deserve to have fun at a dance with someone they like, or love, just like I would.”

All students can play a part in making our school dances a more accepting place, adds Boyd. “The focus of prom should be having fun with all of your friends before high school is over, and not worrying about who’s someone’s date is or what they are wearing.”

Many students here may have a positive opinion of LGBT couples, and as time passes and barriers get broken down, all of these students will hopefully soon feel safe and accepted being proud of their relationships, no matter the gender of their partner. Dances and relationships are stressful and confusing for all high school students, and every student can make this easier by keeping our school and judgement-free place.