Prom chaperones help commemorate senior milestone

Amissa Page, In-Depth Editor

Celebrate the moment.
ETHS staff highlight the senior milestone by volunteering their time to chaperone prom.
“I get to see students in a different light, they’re all dressed up, and in a fun atmosphere,” says David Phillips, Duplicating Specialist.
Greeting, check-in, monitoring the dinner and dance floors and chaperoning the after party on the boat are just some of the jobs the chaperones take on. They also mingle with the students. Some staff who are not chaperoning stop by to see the event.
Prom signifies a turning point for students, staff and parents. Besides graduation, it is the last time for the entire senior class to come together for a night of fun and reminiscence of the past four years. They’ll be leaving home and moving on from high school.
The prom committee and supervisors decide the theme, get decorations and arrange venues all to make the night the best and most memorable.
“I’m the first person they see coming from the parking lot and making sure they have their ticket and ID” says Phillips.
From there chaperones check in the seniors, juniors and non-eths guests and they are given their wristbands to enter the dance.
“The main thing is to make sure the kids are having the most fun as possible,” says Phillips “We make sure no strangers come in, and control students from coming out.”
Most chaperones are dressed in relatively formal attire, but some go all out and dress the theme with the students. This year’s prom theme is “The Windy City”, which shows respect to Chicago and admiring the landmarks that give the city its character.
After the dance, the chaperones lead the group from the venue onto the the boat. He explains that the boat is more of a party atmosphere, there are two levels for food and dancing and the top level is open air and looks onto the city.
“A lot of students change out of their formal wear into more relaxed outfits, like homecoming,” says Phillips.
Phillips has chaperoned prom every year since 2009. He explains that he is also an Alum, so the prom brings up memories from his own time at ETHS.
“ETHS prom is like no other. Where you’re in the ballroom at Navy Pier and afterwards you’re on a boat. Not to many other schools have that combination,” says Phillips.
Prom is a defining moment in your high school career, a celebration for all the work and effort you’ve put in since freshman year. Chaperones have been in your place. They are there to celebrate with you and make a fun night even more special.