Thank the people who make sure ETHS is clean and pleasant to be in


Denean Henry works during the nights to keep classrooms and hallways clean.

Heroes walk the halls of our school every day, but many don’t get applause, awards or medals, they are just doing their jobs.
For example, ETHS’ head school nurse Lisa Walter helps students cope with everything from a simple sore throat to a scary seizure. She and the other nurses see up to 100 students every day. It’s all in a day’s work for her, but it makes a big difference in the lives of students.
Walter’s work has gone beyond giving students cough medicine. One student, who had a serious health issue that lasted a long time, was helped by Walter and her staff to cope and recover so that she attend school. “I was very happy to see her health improve and be happy and be active in school, and now, she tells me she is gonna be a nurse,” says Walter.
For all she gives to students, Walter says she has learned a lot in return. “High school is a very difficult time for most. Students have to navigate a lot different things in their life, so I have come understand their developmental state.”
Students have their own personal heroes at our school as well. “Because they are somewhat behind the scenes, I think people take counselors for granted,” says Annie Umbanhowar, junior. “Ms. Tiziano, my counselor, has done so much for me. It seems like she really cares about her students, even when the things she does may seem like they are required.”
Also, while not everyone here may notice the work they do, the custodial staff plays a significant role in the quality of your school experience. “There are only four custodians working during the day, and all of us have to maintain all three floors and each wing,” says Pete Holt, custodian. Since our school is so big, many custodians work way beyond the bell at 3:35.
“The custodians work so hard and spend so much time cleaning up the messes that we make, and a lot times, we don’t really care,” says junior Joseph Karriem.
ETHS is full of heroes, and while they may not get a medal for what they do, their contributions make a difference in the school and the lives of students. When you are giving thanks for all the heroes in your life, think about the ones in your school.