Horror movies fuel fascination with fright


You’ll have nightmares!
You’ve been warned about scary movies before, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying them every Halloween.
“People are attracted to horror movies because it gives them a safe opportunity to confront really basic primal fears,” says David Allen, history and social science teacher.
They allow your imagination to wander, while also providing an easy way out. You might be facing your fears of the dark, death or creepy crawlies. If worst comes to worst, you can easily turn off the TV or leave the theater…but you probably won’t let that happen because horror movies are so entertaining!
“It is kind of a free reign for your imagination to let go, and go with something that you couldn’t possibly experience on your own,” explains Allen.
Most likely, you won’t be bombarded by birds on your way home from work, or see your own reflection in a mirror turn into a psychopath. Still, it’s refreshing to think outside of the box. We are obsessed with the supernatural and in awe of psychological mind twists.
“It’s just fun to imagine yourself in the movies and see if you would be able to survive them,” says Emmet Harrigan, sophomore.
Horror films not only provide a landscape for creativity to wander, but they also put survival instincts to the test.
“It’s a safe way to see how would you react, how you might feel, how you are challenged, and how you might respond to particular fears,” adds Allen. “You’re subtly and sometimes subconsciously testing your own survival abilities.”
One of the most obvious factors contributing to our fascination with fright is the adrenaline rushes we feel.
“Horror movies are exciting,” says Emily Sommer, senior. “I like them because they scare you and make your heart race.”
According to World of Psychology, 10 percent of the U.S. population enjoys the adrenaline rush. It seems like more than 10 percent of ETHS students enjoy horror films and that’s because horror movie lovers are typically young adults and teens.
Excitement, fear, curiosity and imagination all inspire us to watch horror movies. Halloween is the perfect time to test how you might react to spine-chilling situations. From the earliest slashers to the most recent gory picks, there is an incredible variety of horror films for you to choose from.