Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It matters

Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  It matters

Don’t be a bystander. We can all put an end to domestic violence throughout the Evanston community.

Domestic Violence Awareness should be given more attention, according to Julie McBratney, Communications Director YWCA Evanston. “Being vocal is key because many victims can be silent, and it is important to give them a voice” says McBratney.

In fact, McBratney goes even further by saying that this would be a good part of the curriculum to teach at ETHS because it would teach students how not to be abusers or what to do if they were abused.

Each year 12 million people are suffering from domestic or intimate partner violence (IPV).

Most people aren’t aware of the organizations that have been created to help fight domestic violence and support victims like the Purple Purse Foundation, YWCA and the CDC.

To promote awareness for the Purple Purse Foundation, Kerry Washington has acted as their spokesperson.In 2014 the Purple Purse domestic violence prevention campaign raised over $311,000.