Computer Learning Month teaches skills for the real world


Most people use their computer for fun and games, but Computer Learning Month encourages students to program their technology instead of play on it.

Computer science is steadily becoming an important skill in the twenty first century, and more and more high schools are urging the importance of it to students.

This year, ETHS introduced Information Technology Internship (ITI), a class where students rotate between working in the Chrome Zone and working on an independent project ranging from game development to making an app.

“At ETHS, students that have an interest in technology have a playground where they can explore their interests,” says Gary Haller, ITI teacher. “Many students spend time in the Chrome Zone getting working experience within the school.”

In the Chrome Zone, students gain real world work experience by replacing screens and batteries.

“We try to model the Chrome Zone after the environment of the Apple Store,” says Jeffery Barlow, Chrome Zone supervisor. “It’s very professional. We want to get people in and out because we know they’re busy.”

There are a range of computer-related classes that students can take at ETHS, including Intro to Computer Programming, Web Design and AP Computer Science. Students can also join clubs in this area, such as Youth Technology Corps, an organization that tries to bridge the technology gap in low-income communities. The club teaches students skills needed to refurbish computers that they then donate to people in the community.

“I plan to study computer science in college,” says senior Alex Brooke. “The classes are a good opportunity that not a lot of people know about.”

According to, there are 24,409 open computing jobs in Illinois, and only 1,427 computer science graduates. Computer science graduates are in high demand but very few people aquire degrees in the field.

The Computer Learning Foundation has been hosting Computer Learning Month every October for the last 14 years. The foundation uses it to draw focus to the importance of technology in children’s’ learning.

Most people already spend their time in front of a computer screen, and Computer Learning month encourages people to actually learn how computers work. This October, broaden your horizons and take advantage of the computer learning opportunities that ETHS has to offer.