Punny promposals: students say yes to prom

Iony Clarke & Gabi Rodriguez 

“I was watching the lacrosse game and after the game when they were walking towards the locker room Gabi goes ‘alright boys’ and took off his jersey and underneath each person had a shirt that had a letter spelling out prom and he said ‘Ioney will you go to prom with me?'”

Abraham Abraham & Ayda Akgun

“As for planning on who to go with, that was already set since my Junior year. The actual planning of things was more dependent on our personalities. Since Ayda is more of a person who doesn’t want the whole world to know her business and likes a promposal in person, I had to go with it, which also killed two birds with one stone. Because A) she wasn’t anticipating the pep rally promposal, and B) it was confirmed that we were going together, and it’d have been a nice big gesture after all. As for the actual stage plan, the dance group used the last 10 seconds of our dance choreography to freestyle and distract Ayda from looking at the back where I had the poster and the flowers with my friend and my cousin.”

Louisa Ummel & Luke Stover

“I was with my friend Kate and she asked me to go to the rocks to meet Luke and our other friends. When he pointed out the rock I was so surprised, I had no clue he planned something so elaborate. Luke and I have been friends since 6th grade, so of course I said yes! The rocks are my favorite spot in Evanston, it was perfect.”

Maddy Aaronson & Trevor Nelson

“Trevor and I have always loved Mamma Mia, and we love singing and dancing along to the songs. So, for my Promposal, I decided to choreograph a short flash mob to ‘Dancing Queen’ from Mamma Mia. I texted his closest friends and asked if they’d want to be apart of it, then sent them a video of me doing the dance. On his birthday, I called him saying there was an emergency and he needed to come to the parking lot and then we all popped out of a car and danced to the chorus of ‘Dancing Queen’ with music blasting from my friend’s car. After the dance I held up a poster that said ‘be my Dancing King at Prom?’ It was super fun and he was so happy.”

Hazel Gerber & Maddie Nesham

“I planned the promposal around the Great British Baking Show, which is a we both love and kinda bonded over this year. I made a poster with some jokes we have from that and baked her cookies. I went over to her house one night and surprised her with it. She was really shocked and she gave me a hug right away. She was especially surprised about all the little lies I told to pull it off. We’re excited to go as friends and we’ve already picked our corsages.”