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Punny promposals: students say yes to prom

Louise Bond, Sarah Frieman, and Mac Stone May 29, 2019

Iony Clarke & Gabi Rodriguez  “I was watching the lacrosse game and after the game when they were walking towards the locker room Gabi goes ‘alright boys’ and took off his jersey and underneath...

Seniors continue passions post-high school

Maddie Coyle and Meena Sharma May 23, 2019

Throughout high school, many people participate in a variety of different clubs and activities to help set us up for success post high school. In doing so, many of us find our niche, something that we...

A glimpse into the daily routines of The Evanstonian seniors

Noah Kayaian, Staff Writer May 22, 2019

Benjamin Baker-Katz, more commonly known as BK, starts his day with either some toast or a sandwich depending on how much time he has in the morning. He also loves to munch on some snacks when he gets...

Student dancers open up the Summit day.

Latinx Summit, April 24, 2019

Trinity Collins, Feature Editor April 29, 2019

"I think that it's a place where we can express the things we deal with with one another." Vicky Palacios, senior "This is one of the most important days of the school year for me, because I feel...

Flags hang in South Study Cafe on summit day.

LGBTQ Summit, April 18, 2019

Trinity Collins, Feature Editor April 26, 2019

"It was easy to talk to people at the summit, and I made new friends. It was a unifying experience. Somehow everyone cheering and clapping and talking together made it feel like we were truly one unified...

Sketch of student presenters for one of  the breakout sessions.

Asian & Middle Eastern Student Summit, April 12, 2019

Trinity Collins, Feature Editor April 26, 2019

“I truly appreciate the fact that we have a day at ETHS to celebrate our identities. I've been very privileged to be a part of this summit since my freshman year, and it's sad to think that this summit...

In light of Christchurch

In light of Christchurch

Rachel Krumholz and Lara-Nour Walton April 26, 2019

Trigger Warning: The following piece discusses matters of violence and hatred in regards to Islamophobia. *Arabs and Muslims are not synonymous with one another and should not be conflated, but for...

The complexity of having body cameras in school

The complexity of having body cameras in school

April 26, 2019

On February 25, Evanston aldermen voted on implementing a policy that could have many impacts on student life. This policy allows police officers in the school, otherwise known as student resource officers...

The inner workings of internet communities

The inner workings of internet communities

Eli Marshall, Staff writer April 26, 2019

Social media. It’s an integral part of our lives today. We often talk about the negative effects of it -- how addicted we are to it, how it impacts our sleep, how it hurts our self esteem and causes...

Illustration By Kayla Black

Still Love These Lonely Places: A Hauntological Analysis of Evanston

Quinn Hughes and Henry Eberhart April 26, 2019

Chief Seattle may or may not have said… “The young men, the mothers, the girls, the little children who once lived and were happy here...still love these lonely places. And at evening the forests...

Illustration by Ellie Lind

The customer isn’t always right: teens face sexual assault and harassment in the workplace.

Mimi Herrick and Sarika Waikar April 26, 2019

Trigger Warning: The following story contains details of sexual assault and harassment. The National Sexual Assault Hotline is 1-888-342 -2846. Northwestern’s Center Against Sexual Assault’s 24-hour...

Students and teachers reflect on RAD self defense program

Jojo Wertheimer and Eden Drajpuch April 26, 2019

The RAD self defense program used in female P.E. classes results in a variety of different experiences for everyone participating in the course. RAD [Rape Aggression Defense] includes a packet, as...

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