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Students, Evanston residents reflect on local Halloween celebrations

Macyn Hoeveler and Kari Robinson October 15, 2021

Halloween has been a childhood staple for a lot of history. Dressing up in costumes, meeting up with friends and getting candy from neighbors are all common traditions. Its roots lie in a Pagan Celtic...

Over time, the rivalry between New Trier and Evanston has shifted, but many of the underlying reasons for the divide remain.

ETHS, New Trier alums, students reflect on school rivalry

Jilian Denlow and Molly Riley October 15, 2021

From aggressive slogans and chants to hallway trash talk, almost every ETHS student has heard or voiced some bad things about New Trier. This isn’t a new fixture; even after nearly half a century,...

Black female athletes reshape mental health conversation

Taryn Robinson, Staff Writer October 15, 2021

Reflecting on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, it is important to evaluate the mental health stigma that exists for Black female-identifying athletes. With the Tokyo Olympics and other past summer sports tournaments,...

Illustration by Lila Portis

Underclassmen reflect on first month of in-person learning

Jilian Denlow , Clara Gustafson, and Sydney Hletko September 17, 2021

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the stereotypical fears of high school freshmen often included the intimidating upperclassmen, getting lost on the first day, being assigned overwhelming amounts of homework,...

Students, staff examine e-learning

Jilian Denlow and Ingrid Halverson September 17, 2021

On Aug. 16, nearly 4,500 students and staff members entered the building for the first day of the 2021-2022 school year, a large percentage of which hadn’t physically set foot in school since March of...

ETHS works to maximize COVID-19 protocol compliance

Macyn Hoeveler, Staff Writer September 17, 2021

In every capacity, ETHS has been closely following the COVID-19 guidelines for both the CDC and the IDPH. All HVAC filters have been replaced with MERV 13 filters, meaning that the air quality and circulation...

Illustration by Sabrina Barnes

New bell aims to rehumanize transitions throughout school day

Ahania Soni, Feature Editor September 17, 2021

School bells are closely tied with a lot of emotions. The feeling of elation as class ends or after a long week. The stress of the period ending before you finished the last question on a test or when...

Teachers, staff respond to COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Eden Drajpuch, Executive Editor September 17, 2021

While many aspects of this school year thus far have been characterized by student experiences, important changes that also impact ETHS staff have occurred throughout the last few months.  Despite...

Indivisible Evanston: political action over the summer

Ahania Soni, Feature Editor August 16, 2021

In 2017, just after Trump took office, as the world began to feel like it was spiraling out of control, Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin made a plan.  “They sat at their kitchen table, and they wrote...

Reimagining the Feature section

Reimagining the Feature section

Ahania Soni and Jilian Denlow August 16, 2021

A feature article, while a form of news, is more heavily catered towards human interest, both informative and captivating. The purpose of a feature story is to not only educate readers on a certain topic...

Students return to ETHS after an entire year and a semester of virtual or hybrid school.

Steps toward normalcy at ETHS

Jilian Denlow, Assistant Feature Editor August 16, 2021

For members of the ETHS community, the upcoming school year will feel like a breath of fresh air. While it is likely that no one is eager for summer to come to an end, today probably feels like a reasonable...

Students prepare for full in-person school year

Students prepare for full in-person school year

Macyn Hoeveler, Staff Writer August 16, 2021

The bell rings, echoing across the ETHS building. Students stream in and out of doors, rooms and hallways finding their way to their next class. The block schedule is now fully in place, finals have been...