The Wills: a look into their futures

With the many Will’s in our 2022 graduating class, there are many different paths ahead for the same-named students. The senior Will’s reminisce on their time at ETHS and share what is next in their forthcoming years. 


Will Travis 

After four years jam-packed with sports, extracurriculars, and school life, college is sending Will Travis east to attend Princeton University, NJ, in the fall. Travis is planning to explore his options to find a major he is truly passionate about while also continuing his soccer career there.

“I was always really interested in the university for its combination of great academic opportunities and athletic challenges.” He says.

Travis’ ETHS experience has given him a chance to learn about himself. Although he won’t have to declare his major for the next few years he feels that ETHS has helped him build  foundations of what fields he might be interested in.

“I liked how ETHS put a lot of effort into providing students with resources they needed to reach their goals. My friends and I were able to pursue most of our interests thanks to the school.” 

Travis was involved in a wide variety of programs at ETHS. He was a part of the soccer program throughout his 4 years, and he was a part of the ambassador and “emerge” groups at ETHS. He also spent lots of time with video and digital editing. 

If there was one thing Travis would give for advice on high school, he says, “Appreciate your 4 years here because it goes by fast (even if it’s rough at points).”


Will Coutre

Next, Will Coutre details the plans for his future. He will join the Illini student body next fall, attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and has decided to major in business studies. 

There is always a lot to think about when considering college and after weighing out all his options  Coutre found that University of Illinois was the most tailored to his specific interests. 

I’m going because Gies college of business is innovative, in-state tuition, and UIUC has a good vibe to it.”

A large part of college is the social aspect, and Coutre is ready to jump right into the longstanding Greek system. He shares that he’s excited to join a fraternity, and meet lots of new people. 

As Coutre nears the end of his ETHS career, he recounts some of his favorite high school memories, including attending the girls volleyball games and cheering them on, and supporting his friends in running for prom royalty.

Coutre is finishing up his final season on the varsity lacrosse team, and his goal is for the team to be state champions–strong conclusion to a great 4 years. 


Will Fiegen

For our last Will, Will Fiegen gives us some insight on his plans. Starting in the fall, he will be attending the University of Boulder-Colorado to study architectural engineering. 

Fiegen explains how architectural classes are what he learned the most from and had the most fun in at ETHS, “[I’m] not really sure where I want it to take me, but it was one of the only classes I ever really enjoyed in school.”

An amazing component of attending college is the plethora of relationships you can create with new people, in a setting where nobody knows each other and. Fiegan says meeting new people is something he is very excited for. 

The ETHS athletic community has also played an important role in Fiegens’ high school experience. He shares about his participation in different sports throughout the years at ETHS.

 “I wrestled for one year as a freshman, then figured out pretty quick that it wasn’t for me. I’ve played lacrosse for all four years at Evanston.”

But by far the most important piece of his time at high school was the connections he found. 

“My favorite thing about going to ETHS was definitely the people and friendships I made here.” 


And the Will’s are off! All three futures look bright and filled with opportunity.