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Don’t forgive celebrities’ bad behavior

Miyoki Walker and Miyoki Walker September 22, 2017

Although Taylor Swift is portrayed in the media as a “good girl,” she is not as innocent as she seems. Flashback to the moment when Kanye West takes the microphone from Taylor Swift, right as she...

Sophomore George Durant

A new look

Sophie Monzo, Entertainment Editor September 22, 2017

Recrafted The arts dept. received upgrades over the summer to many different areas and plans on doing more. After experts agreed that the previous ceramics room had more potential than was being...

The Theatre Dept. enjoying Stratford in years past.

Theatre Dept. plans annual trip to the Stratford festival

Sophie Monzo, Entertainment Editor August 28, 2017

Action      Theatre students will head to stratford to see various different play at the festival.      Theatre teacher Tim Herbert will lead the students in hopes of encouraging students passions...

Country thunder

Rachel Krumholz, Entertainment Editor August 28, 2017

Though music festivals typically act as a carefree common ground for all music lovers, country music festival Country Thunder has brought up arguments among Evanston residents.      Country thunder...

The Harlem Shake sent students across the country into a dance craze.

Students reflect on pop-culture trends over the years

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor May 31, 2017

Over the years, crazes from dabbing to the Ice Bucket Challenge have shaped the way the senior class has viewed their high school experience. Trends, often stemming from the Internet, reach a wide range...

Class of 2017 will make their mark on the art world

Margo Levitan, Sophie Monzo, and Carrington York May 28, 2017

Noah Rogers Noah Rogers is continuing his arts career at Minneapolis College, where he'll be studying storyboarding and sequential storytelling. Watching classic cinema and reading graphic novels...

Appreciate the fine arts

Appreciate the fine arts

Michael Colton, Entertainment Columnist May 28, 2017

It is no secret that the Fine Arts Department at ETHS offers many opportunities for all students in music, theatre, and visual arts. What is not clear, however, is just how much of an impact this department...

Students to be honored during the visual arts awards

Students to be honored during the visual arts awards

Sophie Monzo , Entertainment Editor April 21, 2017

The award goes to… Taking place on May 3 after school from 4 to 5 p.m, students from all grades will be honored at the visual arts awards in the auditorium. “Many students, especially seniors,...

Students resurrect Jesus Christ Superstar

Students resurrect Jesus Christ Superstar

Margo Levitan , Entertainment Editor April 21, 2017

Although most people associate Jesus with church, students will see another side of the religious figure in the upcoming production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Taking place on April 21, the broadway rock...

Federal budget cuts jeopardize education, growth for youth

Federal budget cuts jeopardize education, growth for youth

Michael Colton , Entertainment Columnist April 21, 2017

Goodnight YAMO? Though the new federal budget proposal is not directly harmful to Evanston in particular, the federal government’s new policy on funding for the arts harms public schools all over...

Step team practices their moves for competition and pep rally

Step team practices their moves for competition and pep rally

Sophie Monzo, Entertainment Editor March 17, 2017

Follow the beat! E-Squad is a word almost any Wildkit knows. The step team has been working for hard this year’s for performances as well regionals in April. “What we’ve done is continued the...

Scholastic Bowl team sweeps CSL competition

Adrian Wilburn, Feature Editor March 17, 2017

Scholastic Bowl, a trivia competition where students answer questions regarding math, science and reading, has been recognized for their accomplishments as a team as well as individually. Somewhat...

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