Students share tips on the best winter fashion choices

As the weather gets colder, it’s time to start bundling up, but that doesn’t only mean bulky boots and big coats. It also means winter fashion and new cold-weather trends.  

Following quarantine, many can agree that their style changed drastically, leading them to create fun outfits that looked stylish while keeping them warm. Students now have a variety of different strategies to achieve this. Here are some students’ fashion tips and tricks for this winter.


“I like dressing for the winter because I get to layer,” sophomore Emerson Kimrey says. 

Layering has become very popular lately. It’s a great way to stay comfortable and cozy in the cold. There are lots of pieces of clothing you can use for layering such as turtlenecks, collared shirts and long sleeve shirts. It is useful to have nice winter basics like a coat and a hat because, in this weather, you’ll definitely need them for every outfit. 

“I would say a good sweater [is important], because it’s stylish and you can stay warm and comfortable,” sophomore Joan Camaya says.

Sophomore Nali Patel agrees with Camaya’s sentiment. Her goal in the winter is to dress in ways to prepare for the weather and to enjoy what she’s wearing.

 “I try to dress for the winter and to stay warm, and I try to dress in what makes me feel good,” Patel explains.

Layering is a perfect solution for both comfort and confidence in the winter. 

Creating your own clothes

ETHS allows students to take a Fashion elective where they learn how to create their own clothes.  

Patel is currently taking Advanced Fashion as an elective, and the class focuses on sewing and letting students make their own clothing line. Patel is currently putting together an outfit consisting of a shirt, pants and a skirt. 

“The class focuses on sewing and on creativity,” Patel explains. This allows students the opportunity to create fashion for all seasons. Advanced Fashion students are given the opportunity to take their creations into their own hands by choosing materials and styles. “We went on a field trip to Joanne Fabrics and bought fabric to create a clothing line,” Patel adds. 


Making and upcycling clothes is something many students have been experimenting with even without the fashion experience.  

“I like to repurpose my clothes for myself,” Camaya explains.  

With the skill to be able to remodel and reuse clothing to make items become better fits, it becomes easier to come up with outfits. Not only does it make a person fashionable but it also helps them express their creativity and have clothes in which they can feel comfortable and confident. 


Everyone has a different way of finding inspiration and techniques to come up with their daily outfits. “In the morning, when I’m getting dressed, I look at myself in the mirror and think, ‘Is it fun?” Kimrey says. 

Meanwhile, Patel draws inspiration from the internet. 

“I look on Pinterest for a lot of things if I’m looking for a good outfit, but for my everyday outfits, I just grab some random things from my closet,” Patel explains. 

When the days become shorter and the weather gets colder, winter can feel like a long few months. Fashion in the winter can become a creative outlet, all while combining practicality and style.