To-go with Jo: a whole lotta lattes

Josie McCartney, Food Critic

As we slowly settle into the school year, the average ETHS student is desperate for caffeine. Although Starbucks offers convenience and familiarity, Evanston has countless hidden local shops that are, in numerous ways, overlooked. 

I have recently started working at a coffee shop, Doppio, and began to understand the complexities of an espresso; the Evanston coffee scene was the perfect test subject for my newly acquired palette, so ready, set, to-go. 



First up, Cupitol. At first impression, Cupitol had a cozy, buzzing atmosphere with a variety of plush chairs that invited you to study. It was the largest of the three shops I tried, and definitely the busiest. Their menu was notable, with all types of smoothies and full meal options if you choose to stay a while. 

I received my latte quickly, and I was impressed by branded cups that showed careful attention to detail. The coffee was scalding, almost angry on my tongue. Once cooled, the coffee itself was decadent with a nutty taste to it. The layer of foam atop the latte was light and airy. I savored my sips and was content with the flavor. It was well rounded, and, as I felt the caffeine hit, I was satisfied. The taste was there for this latte, but it lacked something to make it shine or stand out. It didn’t blow me away. Compared to $3.65 at Starbucks, Cupitol’s coffee was not worth the $4.25 price for me. 



Bond is an up-and-coming shop that recently opened on Howard Street, bordering Chicago and Evanston. They have both indoor and outdoor seating and even a drive-thru. Bond’s space was attractive with a cohesive blue color palette, matching tiles, and a running fireplace; the baristas were kind and helpful, pointing out their full menu. 

The shop had locally roasted espresso beans on sale in colorful bags. I stuck to the basics and got their latte to compare. The warm latte was steamed nicely and had a rich, tangy and dark flavor. The aftertaste was strong and bitter; it was the perfect compliment to the sweetness of one of their pastries, which were from a fully kosher bakery down the street. Although Bond was the cheapest of the three places I went to, with the latte priced at $3.99, this shop was my favorite for their impressive flavor, selection and service. 



This coffee shop is nestled in downtown Evanston off of Davis and Orrington. At first impression, I was drawn away. While they have a clean, modern aesthetic that may have appealed to some, the atmosphere felt cold to me. It was minimalist. After looking a little closer, Newport has much to offer. Newport crafted a homemade espresso machine and roasted their own beans. Their beans definitely came through in the flavor of their coffee and ended up being my favorite latte of the three. It had a lovely aroma that pulled you in and woke you up. The coffee was a dream to drink, with a smooth with a deep flavor. Unfortunately, the menu was small. The price of the latte was down the middle of those I tasted at $4.