Munchin’ with Michael: senior spirit foods

Michael Barthelemy, Food Critic

Sofie Kennedy – Popcorn kernel

At first, Sofie is kind of intimidating. As a boss, she’s not afraid to get on you about your work, especially if you’re slacking off (a common experience for me). She has that hard outside that demands respect and lets everyone know she won’t be stepped on without breaking a molar. 

Once you get past that shell and heat the kernel in the microwave, POP, there comes popcorn. Everyone loves popcorn. It’s one of the best snacks out there. When on Sofie’s good side, she’s one of the nicest people around. Once you build trust with her, you are rewarded.

Sophia Weglarz– Honey

Sophia is a work-a-holic when it comes to The Evanstonian. 9/10 when you peek into the layout room, she’s stationed at her computer working away at the newest cover page for this month’s issue. One could say she’s a busy bee (see what I did there). 

With her hard-working attitude, not only does one receive incredible layout designs, but a kind person. With that hard work from bees comes to honey. Honey is sweet, but it doesn’t come easily. 

Bees also pack a punch. With their stinger, you don’t want to cross them. Sophia is the same way. She’s not afraid to put up a fight when she has to.

Callie Grober– Mac & cheese

Mac and cheese is often thought of as kids food. Not to call underclassmen childish, but in my eyes they’re definitely in that realm. Callie often works as a great mentor to underclassmen. She’s able to guide them in their pursuit of becoming stronger writers, and establish a friendship past The Evanstonian

No matter what anyone says, people of all ages enjoy mac and cheese. Callie does not exclusively talk with the younger writers. She’s able to make natural conversation with everyone, a valuable skill. She isn’t just there for the young kids, but everyone appreciates Callie’s presence.

Hailey Fine– Cotton candy

Hailey is full of energy. She’s talkative and funny. What ingredient provides high levels of energy? Sugar. What is cotton candy? Almost pure sugar. Hailey’s buoyancy can keep a crowd laughing for a long time. She has endless stories to tell and is always quick to get on me when I don’t play the music she wants in class.

Also, cotton candy does not satisfy hunger. That’s why Hailey is constantly stealing everyone else’s food all the time.

Caroline Jacobs– Cereal

Caroline cares a lot about the community. She is the president of the Community Service Club and is an In-Depth Editor for The Evanstonian, which covers a lot of hard-hitting topics that revolved around community. Cereal is often a food to be donated, finding itself in community service.

Cereal also is one of the best meals around. Add a little milk and there’s magic. There is so much variety and fun you can have going to the store to buy cereal. Caroline possesses the same type of fun. She has a number of layers to her personality. She brings bright energy but is still able to stay serious. Cereal doesn’t play around either, it can fulfill hunger or be a light snack, whatever is needed.

Rebecca Lustig– Apple

Rebecca is usually my main source of news. She always is the one to share the top stories at the end of the week, and it’s greatly appreciated. What city is in the eyes of many the center of news? New York City, also known as the Big Apple. 

The city is always moving. Always has breaking stories to highlight. Being the news aficionado she is, Rebecca would fit right in. Her nose for news would be on fire. 

Jake Kaufman– Chicago hotdog

Jake lives and breathes Chicago sports. He is one of the most informant fans I know, he even runs his own sports podcast titled “Way Outside”. The pure dedication through the thick and thin of his hometown teams garners his personality food to be one of Chicago’s signature dishes: the Chicago dog. 

Jake embodies the Chicago dog outside of sports. Like the number of toppings atop the Vienna Beef wiener, Jake has a complex personality. He is multi-defined. A Chicago dog isn’t aligned with a few flavors but is sorted with a string array. 

Phoebe Porter– Banana bread

Phoebe is a fun person. She always is there to provide humor and give sarcastically funny comments. Like Phoebe, banana bread is fun food. Not only is it enjoyable to bake, but eating it is a joy. Anything dessert related is in my favor though, so it could just be me.

Banana bread is a crowd favorite. Not many people openly deny a slice. Phoebe is the same. She has no (as far as I know) enemies and everyone welcomes her company. 

Also, she brought banana bread into class one day so there’s that.

Mimi Herrick- Trout

Anyone who knows Mimi knows she lives in the water. Between swimming, sailing, and water polo, it seems like half her time is spent away from dry land. That being said, obviously, the food that resembles her personality cannot be a dish found on land.

The choice for trout came from where Mimi will be spending her next four years. Colorado has a plethora of different fish in its river systems, but most notable is the trout. Mimi’s speedy swimming will fit right in with the environment of freshwater fish.

Sophie Gomez– Ice cream

Sophie lives and breathes music. She has written countless articles regarding music and even runs her own blog where she interviews local artists. Thinking of Sophie automatically took my brain to music festivals. Music festivals are hot. With the sun blazing down as one jumps around, everyone needs a way to cool off.

That makes ice cream a perfect music festival stand-by. Ice cream not only is one of the best foods ever formed, but it’s also the greatest cold dish created. Standing there sweating under the beating summer sun, nothing will cool you off better than a bowl of ice cream. It gives you the energy to go back and join the fun.

Everneesa Beech– Funfetti

Everneesa is extremely colorful. Her unique and colorful style puts her at the top of The Evanstonian fashion scene. The bright colors she often rocks resemble that of the popular cake brand Funfetti.

Funfetti is not simply cake, but it has spots of rainbow color mixed throughout the batter. Funfetti’s bold colors are similar to Everneesa’s wardrobe. They both dare to be different than the rest.

Sarah Parisien– Donut

Sarah is an extremely kind person. She always is there to greet you with a smile and make light conversation. Because of her sweet nature, she is like a donut. A donut is one of the few foods that almost every single person in the world enjoys.