SMG views 2020 Grammy awards

Sophie Gomez, Staff Writer

The first Grammy Awards of the decade, which is in its 62th running, happened this past weekend and it was one to remember with tons of performances from Billie Eilish to a return of Aerosmith and Run DMC. Here were five highlights that were either most discussed on social media or that I personally connected with while watching. 

Billie Eilish took home four major category awards for song of the year, best new artist, record of the year, and album of the year, along with the best vocal pop album. The 18-year-old took home five awards and her brother and producer Finneas won four awards. On social media there was a lot of talk about whether Eilish should’ve won all of those awards. While accepting album of the year Eilish said Ariana Grande should’ve won because “thank u, next” got her through some stuff. But every artist has had their year and this was her’s. Billie Elish also performed her song “when the party’s over” with her brother. 

Rock band I Prevail was nominated for two Grammys: best rock albums and best metal performance. Winning neither, they’re an underrated band. It shows how this scene of music isn’t known by many. Why did Cage The Elephant win? It’s a band everyone knows verses, I Prevail, a band that was not well-known until their nomination. Their nomination is a huge accomplishment that the popular scene of rock and heavy metal music does not see often. Their recent album Trauma is well-written and vocalist Byan poured his heart into the making of it. 

Lizzo performed “Cuz I love you” and “Truth Hurts” and as always, killed it. She won three awards for best traditional R&B performance for “Jerome,” Best Urban contemporary album, and best solo pop performance. She went against a strong group of people — Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande — but Lizzo hands-down deserved all the awards she won. She is a new artist who put herself out there; not every artist can create an album about their personal lives with a focus on body positivity.   

Aerosmith isn’t an artist kids nowadays may not listen to but he brought up H.E.R to sing and play guitar for “Dream On.” It’s entertaining to see an older artist team up with a newer one to share the stage. It’s something that isn’t often seen. During “Living On the Edge,” he walked down and went up to Lizzo to sing and then performed the 1975 hit song “Walk This Way” with Run DMC. (2000’s kids may not know this song unless they use to play Guitar Hero.) Run DMC came out through a fake brick wall and took everyone by surprise. They walked out with their Adidas Superstars, definitely taking it back to their time. This was the best song to make a comeback — an incredible mix of rock and rap. 

Demi Lovato made a return after two years not being on stage since she overdosed. Singing her song “Anyone,” she delivered an emotional performance. Her singing that song you can tell it’s about her journey to recovering and feeling like you have no one or nowhere to turn to. She had to start over due to being overwhelmed, but she finished the song off strong. It finished with a lengthy standing ovation. 

This year’s show had many deserving award recipients, and many artists paid tribute to Kobe. The DJ in Run DMC held up his jersey, and Lizzo started out her performance with “This is for Kobe.” Some winners seem to overwhelm the categories; nonetheless, the Grammy’s didn’t disappoint.