A murder mystery in Evanston


Jonah Charlton

The YAMO cast prepares for their upcoming show

Cam Mulvihill, Entertainment Editor

Old but still gold.

As YAMO’s 60th anniversary arrives this fall, the themes of past shows fuel this year’s “YAMO, She Wrote” murder mystery theme.

According to senior General Director Asher White, “…even if it’s a huge failure, it’s really fun to sit in a theatre and watch people you know make fun of each other. And it’s a great communal experience.”

The 60th anniversary is incorporated into the plot and theme of the show. “There’s a scene in the show that’s kind of about a fictionalized history of YAMO,” head of the Theatre Dept. Tim Herbert says.

Senior Marta Bady is the Director of the Unexpected Company in YAMO. She helps create the comedy sketches and parody songs for the show. Bady joined YAMO as a freshman and loved it so much, she has returned every year since. In fact, most freshmen, like Bady, spend the rest of their high school careers with YAMO. “I made some of the closest friends I still have right now, and I probably will have for the rest of my life,” Bady says.

According to the ETHS Theatre website, the 60th anniversary will feature a number of well-known performers returning to Evanston for various alumni events in addition to the YAMO show. On Saturday, Oct. 14, there’s an alumni cast and “Croo” party. Former members will be able to see how the show has changed since they were at ETHS, as they look back at their humble beginnings in Evanston over seven shows in October.

On Sunday, Oct. 15, at 1:30 p.m. there is the Showcase ETHS! A Tribute to YAMO’s 60th, where YAMO alums will show off their talents in a variety-style performance. Money raised from this show will help support the performing arts at ETHS.

YAMO has been bringing Evanstonians together for six decades now, and it continues to create amazing experiences with amazing people. The show and performances never fail to keep audiences coming back year after year.

YAMO runs every Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. from Oct. 6 through Oct. 21, and Thursday Oct. 19. More information about YAMO, ticket purchases, the cast, showtimes, and contact information can be found on the ETHS Theatre website. www.ethstheatre.com