Senior Studies is a class like no other

Senior Studies is a class like no other

There isn’t a class at ETHS where students learn or grow more than in Senior Studies.

I was lucky enough to take Senior Studies this year, and the class has opened my mind in ways no other course could.

Senior Studies encouraged us, the students, to take our learning to another level and apply it in our community.

These are significant times for seniors. We are both excited to enter the world beyond high school, and frightened of what it holds. We are ready for new places and new people, but sad to say goodbye to those who have made our high school years so special.

The thought of being an independent, individual citizen is enticing, but also overwhelming. Senior Studies teaches students how to make the transition.

Dave Allen, Steve Newman and Makoto Ogura collectively teach Senior Studies. In Senior Studies, the self-guided style of learning pushed us out of our comfort zones and into the real world. We would discuss issues, reflect on experiences, and brainstorm ways to lay the foundations for a better future.

Within the high school, Senior Studies is often misconceived as a blow off class. However, Senior Studies pushes students to be introspective. Students are presented with real world problems with no clear solution, and are challenged to face them head on.

Not only do we learn about our community, but also how we can make a difference. I can’t imagine a better way to teach responsibility and motivation than having the freedom to create, execute, and eventually present our own second semester projects.

We are incredibly lucky to have Senior Studies at ETHS; I was given so many amazing opportunities to grow.