ETHS curriculum unlike any other

ETHS curriculum unlike any other

Don’t worry, seniors, the future is yours for the taking.

ETHS has given students unique opportunities that few other high schoolers have access to. It is for this reason that our students should not be afraid of the high demands of college and post-high school life.

We are lucky enough to attend a school the prioritizes education, so much so that ETHS is ranked in the top 2-3% of high schools.

One of the reasons ETHS is so unique in post-high school preparedness is the wealth of AP classes offered to students. Students can choose from 29 AP classes that give them the opportunity to earn college credit and learn at an accelerated pace. This type of learning will serve students well whether they go to college or not, because these classes teach grit and perseverance.

Classes offered at ETHS, whether they be AP, Honors or Regular, are rigorous and require focus and problem-solving skills. Teachers at ETHS expect hard work from all students, regardless of the level.

In terms of test scores, ETHS has an average ACT score of 23 compared to the national average of 21. The numbers continuously show that our high school trumps many others.

ETHS alums often say that ETHS has done a fantastic job of preparing them for the high demands of college. By learning good study habits and determination from high school courses, they feel that they got a leg up from ETHS.

Attending a school in the top 2-3% of the nation has its perks. ETHS spends over $23,000 dollars per student.

Each and every one of you have probably stayed up half the night doing homework and stopped to think to yourself, “Why am I doing this? How will this help me later in life?” The clear answer is that our educators have drilled perseverance, determination and crucial study and learning skills into our brains. We should be grateful for our education and confident in what the future holds.