Black History

Black students need to learn their history


We should acknowledge the beginning.

Black students need to be informed of their ancestors and the strides they made to better the lives of black people in the United States.
In the public and private school districts, each student is educated on the work of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and a few more civil rights activists. These activists remain a key component in black history.
Still, the education systems teach a very regimented curriculum.
Black students need to know about black activists, writers, singers, etc. who aren’t included in textbooks. They need to know what their ancestors endured to have them walk down school hallways or across college campuses.
12 Years a Slave, The Butler, and Django Unchained are recent movies that showcase stories of black history.
The Butler paints the story of a black butler working at the White House fighting to survive in America during the early years of racism.
Django Unchained gives the story of black Americans who are enduring the horrors of slavery in the south.
12 Years a Slave tells the story of a man forced into slavery due to the color of his skin.
I believe that black students need to see these movies. They show how strong the black race is and how hard we fight as a community.
I am tired of some black students being so unappreciative for the opportunities that we are afforded. Watching these movies would give students a new view on black history and a more positive outlook on things as simple as coming to school every day.
If black students continue to be sheltered by what the school’s curriculum teaches, they may never learn the depth of their history. I say that not only black students, but all students, need to go see 12 Years a Slave, The Butler and Django Unchained.