Youth Job Fair gives opportunities for summer jobs

If you’re looking for money, this year’s Summer Youth Employment Program (MSYEP) Job Fair on March 28 is the place to be.

The fair, that runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., is open to students ages 14-18, and dozens of employers will be there.

“Employers are committed to hiring Evanston youth,” said Pam Kaul, CORE Employment Counselor at the Youth Job Center. “Anyone can have a really good chance of landing a summer job.”

Before attending, students are recommended to fill out the Seasonal Application for Employment 2015, located on the Evanston website. Possible jobs include a lifeguard, concession worker and camp counselor.

Junior Nina Lin, though, is keeping her options open. “Honestly I’m looking for retail jobs, but I want to go work with a florist,” she said. “I love flowers, and it’s great to be around them during summertime.”

For senior Nathaniel Bernstein, a job is an important way to make money for college. “I’m going off to college next year, so a summer job is both really beneficial for needing money at college and actually paying for tuition,” explained Bernstein.

Summer jobs are also important for life beyond college.

“I want a summer job because it helps me figure out what I like and dislike in a career. It gives me more work experience,” stated Cecilia Hansen, junior. “ It helps me meet new people that I can make connections with in the future. It’s a new experience that I can use to help me a better person.”

The Youth Job Center often holds programs to foster work connections. Earlier this month on March 4, 18 and 25, Job Readiness Trainings prepared students for jobs with mock interviews, workplace etiquette, resume building and professionalism.

“I visited the Youth Job Center at a seminar they had,” said Lin. “They made me feel very welcome, like I could actually get a job.”

Hansen appreciates the Youth Job Center programs. “I think the fair is more a convenient way for students to look at what they have offered in their community,” Hansen explained. “I would love to see more events.”