Alternative school ready to expand



The alternative school at ETHS just started in January, but the progressive new provram is already planning to expand.The program, started this year, is growing rapidly. They will soon welcome a new teacher to the program along with 24 new students.

“We are currently offering all online courses. This fall we will be adding an instructional component in English and Independent Wellness,” said Nathan Michels, teacher. “We have students that have already completed a course,” added Dondelayo White, Special Education Coordinator.

There are two sessions each day, one in the morning that runs from 8:45am to 11:40. The afternoon session runs from 1pm to 3:55. There are 12 students per session and three periods per session instead of nine periods in the regular ETHS schedule.

“I think it’s working well,” said White. “students know that it’s a second chance for them. They know they need to do better and really step up”.

“Some students find things like the social dynamics or the way the day is structured, too distracting” stated White. “Having this type of opportunities for students is really great because not everyone does well in the traditional setting,”

White also said that “All of them are intellectually capable of being successful. It’s all at their own pace, which I think works well for them.”

Sometimes the best remedy for a problem is not to ignore it, but face it head on. The students who have chosen the alternative program know what’s best for them, and believe that quitting is not an option.

“We hope the future of the program continues to help as many students as possible work towards graduation and become life­long learners,” stated Michels. “I think this is another means for students to share all the knowledge they have.”

“I enjoy coming in everyday and talking with students and listening to what they have learned and their take on certain issues,” explains Michel. “​T​he students have been great. We have a wonderful group of students who continue to work hard and keep a positive attitude.”