Kit Career Day set to empower students


On Oct. 30, be sure to stop by The Hub in W201 to attend Kit Career Day.

The event is open to all students, all day long, and will include guest speakers from different work fields.

Each speaker will have a two-period time slot. They will explain what their particular job entails and how it might interest students. The speakers’ focus will be how students can get involved in the work force.

More specifically, a representative will be here to talk about careers in healthcare. The field is rapidly growing and the speaker will explain the importance of different jobs, both in Evanston and nationally.

A representative from Pivot Point International School will be at ETHS to talk about careers in cosmetology and the kind of education needed to begin those careers. Although it may not seem like it, the number of jobs in that field is increasing by the year.

A social media specialist from Chicago-based company Big Shot Marketing will also discuss how social media can increase a company’s customer base, and about branding, public relations, web design, and marketing.

Juniors and seniors have the choice to sign up online via Naviance under “College Visits”.

“It’s transformed,” said Michelle Vásquez, Post-Secondary Counselor. “I want it to be inclusive and open to the public.”

Teachers will be able to sign up their classes to listen to the speakers. Space will be limited in W201, so sign up soon.