Dajae Coleman commemorative weekend festival starts today

Dajae Coleman commemorative weekend festival starts today

Dajae Coleman never got to go to homecoming, never got to lace up for an ETHS basketball game and never got to attend a formal dance. At the innocent age of 14, he was gunned down a block outside the school, leaving his family, his school and his town in utter disbelief.

Starting tomorrow, the Dajae Coleman Foundation will host a commemorative weekend festival, marking this Monday’s second anniversary of the tragic shooting that ended DaeDae’s life.

The weekend will begin with a Family Fun Night, taking place at Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center. The night will be have a live DJ, skating, arts and crafts, and food. It begins Friday at 7 p.m..

The festivities are aimed to raise money for the foundation, a non-profit, community organization dedicated to uplifting and empowering Evanston’s youth. The foundation has set a goal to reach $10,000 and is over halfway there.

On Saturday, the festival will transition into a family fitness-oriented event. Activities will begin in the morning and include a Zumba class, yoga and even core training.

At 11 a.m. that day, they will host “The Challenge: Evanston”, a spin off of the MTV reality show that plans to engage kids in friendly competition. The challenge includes a three-legged race, a treasure hunt and much more.

The weekend culminates with a basketball game in Dajae’s honor. The game tips off at 3 p.m. and will include raffles and a performance from our cheerleading team.

We must never forget Dajae’s memory, and always continue to move forward from the tragedy of the past.