New Welcome Center to come this fall


welcome center

In order to create a student-centered facility using modern resources, strengthen relationships through the community, and maximize the reputation of ETHS, E112 will become a Welcome Center come fall 2014.

“Historically, ETHS has tried to limit visitors,” said New Student Transition Coordinator, Alicia Hart.  “Having a space where visitors can actually come will be really nice and will help make the school feel a little bit more open.”

The Welcome Center will

provide many resources including a lending library, media literacy, and language learning for parents.

“The space will have an open floor plan.  Many of the parent groups host meetings that include video or PowerPoint,” said Hart.  “Some ETHS parent events have over 100 parents who attend, so the Welcome Center has the capacity to accommodate these large parent events.”

“We’re planning on offering parent family workshops on the many aspects of the school such as how to do online enrollment, use web-based programs, navigate software, and language skills,” said Hart.

Parents and Student Ambassadors will support the


efforts of the Welcome Center in order to help parents feel more welcomed. Juniors Karen Reynosa and Max Goldsmith will be the Student Ambassadors who will support the center next year.

“I love welcoming parents and helping them with any concerns,” said Reynosa.               “It [Working with the Welcome Center] will be a fun and different experience.”

The center will also be a place for existing parent groups such as Eban, Parents Engaged, Latino Advisory Committee, and Parent Ambassadors to meet in a space customized for parents.

“In addition to myself, Brenda Aiden who is our new student enrollment specialist, and Mercedes Fernandez, the Latino community liaison will be able to provide services for families within the center,” said Hart. “We’re going to have some time as the Welcome Center opens up to identify what parents want more of so we can provide that through the space.”

“Our goal is for all parents to feel as though the Welcome Center is a place for them within the school,” added Hart.