Women’s Club offers free prom dresses


Mario Martinez and Jessica Cooper at 2013 Dreams Delivered

To tear down the financial barriers of prom, Dreams Delivered will be hosting its annual Evanston fashion show on April 14, and its prom boutique on May 28-30.
“Girls are crazy to spend the amount of money they spend on prom dresses,” said Mary Collins, Community Service coordinator and Co-Evanston sponsor of the event. “While I respect the fact that some girls would like to buy a specific dress, Dreams Delivered offers an amazing selection of dresses for free.”
According to Collins, last years Dreams Delivered program had about 1,000 prom dresses available to choose from. This was made possible from the Woman’s Club of Evanston (WCE), who collected dresses throughout the year for this event.
“The Woman’s Club has done an amazing job with Dreams Delivered,” said Collins. “They put so much effort into it and make it an amazing experience for all the girls that participate.”
Along with the Woman’s Club of Evanston, ETHS students serve on the WCE’s Dreams Delivered Advisory Board that helps plan the events.
Grace Phillips, senior, homecoming queen, and member of the Dreams Delivered student board said, “Prom is such an important event in high school, however the high costs involved make the process more difficult and stressful.”
She added, “Dreams Delivered gives girls the opportunity to experience the prom of their dreams without the price tag.”
Working alongside the Woman’s Club, the student board is helping to prep for the Evanston Fashion Show being showcased in Beardsley Cafeteria. It will take place on April 14 during all lunch period.
Phillips commented, “We’re going to be showcasing some of the dresses that are available and everybody should come check it out. It’s a great event.”
Last year, Dreams Delivered served 80 ETHS students, doubling what it served in 2008. To this point in time, Dreams Delivered has helped 350 students find dresses for prom.
“This year, hopefully we will get 100 girls to participate in the program,” said Collins. “The more we can help the better.”
Tess Brieva, junior Dreams Delivered student board member, commented,” My hopes for the outcome of this event is that every girl can find their dream dress for prom. Everyone can apply and anyone is welcome! It’s a really fun and exciting event and everyone will definitely have a great time.”
According to Collins, anybody interested in attending Dreams Delivered can register at the community service office, student activities office, social workers office, or at the deans office. Student are allowed to sign up right now.
“The whole thing about signing up in advance is so that Dreams Delivered can prepare for the number of people coming,” said Collins. “This way, they can pair students up with personal shoppers so that everyone can find the best dress for prom.”