What does the fox pay?

Student Council raises over $2000 for families in need


121 families at ETHS are homeless.

A Student Council campaign was started on Nov. 4 to raise money to help these families in need. The supposed-to-be-annoying song, “What does the Fox Say,” was played everyday with the understanding that the song would stop when the goal of $1,000 was reached.

By setting up collection boxes around the school and collecting online, Student Council was able to obtain a fair sum from students and parents alike.

“The fundraiser’s goal was $1,000 in the beginning, until we surpassed that on Nov. 7 and stopped the song,” stated Marcus Campbell, assistant superintendent and principal. “Student Council was at around the $900 mark before putting up a link for parents to donate. The parents were able to donate until Nov. 11 and the money really started coming in from that.”

The money from the Stop the Fox campaign is going to help buy coats for those who are in need. Combined with the food from the Deans Canned Food Drive, Student Council hopes to provide as much food and clothing as possible.

All the money received, will be given to the deans, then, the money will be dispersed accordingly, based on specific student needs.

“$500 would have been great,” said Gabby Stieglitz, Student Council president. “But raising $2,200 was really an astounding feat. We realized that with the holidays coming fast, we needed to donate as much as possible to students who need these essentials quick. Thus the, Stop the Fox Song campaign was born.”

Two years ago, a song of the same caliber was thrust upon the student and faculty body in the hopes of saving the local establishment, Boocoo.

“We learned a lot from the Bieber campaign,” said Stieglitz. “Along with having an online source for payment, we learned not to play the song in the classroom, due to teacher complaints, and learned to make a video to promote the fundraiser.”