Charity drive kicks off holiday season

Michal Sered-Schoenberg, senior

To collect charity items, the Community Service Club will be hosting the annual Gift Drive for the needy Dec. 2 through Dec. 17.

“This will be the fourth year we do the drive,” said Mary Collins, Community Service coordinator. “The first week of the drive, we hand out lists of what we need donated, and the second week we collect them.”

Senior and Community Service board member Abby Seef explained that while the club does several different service drives throughout the year, the upcoming gift drive is one of the most popular drives.

“The gift drive just really gets everyone into the holiday spirit,”            noted Seef.

According to Collins, one does not need to be a part of Community Service Club to partake in donating.

The drive usually receives several hundred of the items on the wish lists, but Collins added that the club is always hoping for more student involvement.

“Last year, we partnered with Latino Quest, who helped to distribute to families,” said Collins.

The club will be setting up tables in the school lobby during these weeks, where people can pick up lists of things to donate.

The Community Service Club also collaborates with groups outside of ETHS to provide for the needy.

“In the past, we’ve teamed up with groups such as Connections for the Homeless and Soup at Six. These different organizations give us lists of what they want us to try and bring in for them,” said Collins. “We don’t just ask for food; the lists range from alarm clocks and wrist watches to children’s clothing, and gift cards.”

Collins added that the collection items go not only to the homeless, but families in need in general.

Seef explained that while in pervious years, donations would go randomly to those in need, the club will now be donating to specific families.

“The parents [of these families in need] submit a list of things they need,” said Collins. “Last year, the families submitted what their children wanted most for Christmas. One family asked for a pair of ice skates for one of their kids last year, and we ended up getting a pair for them.”

“It’s really impactful that there are these students at the school who are willing to help out the rest of the community,” said Collins.