Black Friday shoppers gear up for the season

Get ready for the Black Friday rush.

Shoppers will line up in freezing temperatures this Friday, fueled up in a post-turkey craze and hoping to score great middle-of-the-night deals; ETHS students are no exception.

“I go because it’s just a fun time you can have with your friends in the middle of the night,” says Iana Wolff, junior. “Last year I went to Nordstrom Rack at 11:30 p.m. because they have a large variety of clothing and accessories.”

I’m not going this year because I have family in town and I don’t want to have to deal with all the crowds,” said Ella Fies, senior. “I would go again, but I would go later in the day. It was crowded, but it was also a fun experience.

Many students look at Black Friday as an opportunity to stretch their money and find deals.

“This year I am looking for holiday presents. I know that if I start early I’ll be able to pick out exactly what I want at a low price,” says Wolff.

But holiday cheer isn’t the only motivation for these passionate shoppers. They are also in it to save big.

“Last year I found some shoes that were insanely cheap,” says Wolff. “I love when I can get three pairs of shoes for $40 instead of $190.”

Junior Roland Amarteifio is in for the deals.

“I think that saving money is a great thing if you can do it. It’s worth it even if you wait a couple hours in the cold for a good deal or push some people around. Black Friday shopping has been a tradition my family for the past few years and its important to me because it’s a great way to get things that would normally be expensive.”

Frantic shoppers will resort to anything to grab limited time deals only hours after coming together as a family to be thankful for what they already have.

“Last year I went with my friends Becca Westphal and David Colton,” says Fies. “We lost David at one point at a mall and he wouldn’t answer his phone. It took us a good ten minutes to find him because there were so many people.”

“A memory I will never forget would be when I screamed at people to get out of the way when I tried to get to my grandmother in Macy’s,” says Amarteifio. “It’s just a lot of people and everyone wants to find the best deals.”