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Rape culture must be stopped

Rape culture must be stopped

Sofia Sant'Anna-Skites December 18, 2015

It’s more common than you think. Sexual assault includes anything that forces a person to become involved with unwanted sexual contact. One of the most difficult issues regarding rape is consent....

These students came back and teach here today.

Alumni teachers

November 20, 2015

Give Back

Ross Bostick, In-Depth Editor November 20, 2015

Community Service Club will look to make an impact in people’s lives. Here’s some of the events they’ve got going on this holiday season: ETHS Gift Drive Nov.-Dec. 31 Bring desired gifts for...

SOAR Students strive for race equality

SOAR Students strive for race equality

Amissa Page, In-Depth Editor November 20, 2015

Race affects everybody. Students Organized Against Racism, known as SOAR, is a club that examines how race shapes our identities through student led conversations. “We want to see how the system can...

Adriane Slaton

Evanston alums return as teachers

Samantha Idler, In-Depth Editor November 20, 2015

While some students can’t wait to leave Evanston, others can’t wait to come back. “I never left,” says Karilyn Joyce, badminton coach and gym teacher. “I started working and coaching here...

Where do we go now?

Where do we go now?

May 29, 2015

As each member of the Class of 2015 starts on a new adventure, we will never forget our E-Town spirit. While everyone is going on a different path, we are ready to dive into the future, wherever it may...

Science Olympiad finds ways to help students

Lydia Melnikov, In-Depth Editor March 30, 2015

Science was once limited to first through ninth period, but not anymore. Science Olympiad is an organization that promotes scientific learning in its members, prepares them for careers in science, and...

Science of the body is alive at ETHS

Linwan Lewis, In-Depth Editor March 30, 2015

You didn’t kill it, it was already dead. Anatomy and Physiology dissection labs teach students the basics of the body and how it’s relevant to everyone. Most people believe it is important to...

Science teachers reach high levels of achievement

Isabella Senno, In-Depth Editor March 30, 2015

ETHS has good chemistry. It also has great biology courses, excellent physics classes, and many more interesting science courses. The exceptional science program is fueled in part by the array of talented...

Science connects ideas from core courses

Paige Haden, In-Depth Editor March 30, 2015

Science classes at ETHS are all-encompassing, involving ideas from math, reading, writing, and even computer science. “Our next move is collaboration with the other departments,” says Terri Sowa-Imbo,...

You can be a food critic too

Isabella Senno, In-depth Editor February 27, 2015

You don’t have to wait until after college to critique food. You can begin learning how to now by applying these tips from expert Chicago food critics.   Step one: Have writing skills “The...

The history of Mustard's Last Stand

The history of Mustard’s Last Stand

Julia Borland, In-depth Guest Writer February 27, 2015

You should be thankful for 1969, because in that year an iconic hot dog restaurant came to Evanston. The wildly popular Mustard’s Last Stand was created and founded almost 50 years ago by Jerry...

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