Love and acceptance ETHS appreciates LGBT community


* Names have been changed for privacy.


In the United States, there are still many states that have yet to legalize same-sex marriage, and discrimination against LGBT people. However, the ETHS community is a prime example of tolerance.

“As a member of the LGBT community, I find that the people here, especially the staff, are actually really accepting, helpful, and not prejudiced at all, and I really appreciate it.” says Matt, junior.  “I can go to most, if not all of my teachers that I’ve had, and talk about my problems.

One thing that is important for LGBT students is to surround themselves with others who are accepting of them.

“I was exhausted and frustrated, but as time went by, I found a friend group that is supporting: a group that is always going to be there, or try to be there, for me,” explains Matt.

Coming out to friends and family is not easy.  There are often consequences; losing friendships, family drama, and dealing with these issues for a long time.  Although a student can never be fully prepared, they should come out when they feel comfortable.

“I have had no problems with expressing myself at all and if anything, I’ve gotten support the whole time,” says Emma, junior.  “After learning to accept myself and love everything, I have been treated so much differently and I feel so much better.”

One issue that is still prevalent today is the stereotyping of LGBT people. “Some people just view us as ‘fabulous, walking glitter balls’,” explains Matt.  Both Matt and Emma agree that people often stereotype gay people as happy and peppy all the time, but they are only human and have off days too.

“Some people need to understand that we all have our individual personalities,” states Matt. “We are not a category, we are still people,”

“ETHS loves diversity.  We don’t have that many openly gay people at our school, so when they get them, they want to keep them instead of losing them,” says Emma. “People in the Evanston community are not rude, even if they are not supportive.”

Acceptance can change someone’s life.  ETHS students and faculty have given the LGBT community students a positive environment that they can embrace.