Esande performance to dance its way across the world



The ESANDE dance performance opens tonight at 7:30, and promises to encompass routines from all over the world to create a show that’s truly unstoppable.

“We’ve been trying to treat our ensemble like a family, where we try to do more together than what I believe was done in years past,” says Esande Orchesis director Jennifer Foss.

Junior Elena Engel confirms this, saying that she is “most excited about the performances because I love getting crazy and loud with the company backstage.”

Foss says that the student choreographed pieces are bigger and fuller than previous years. A highly anticipated student choreographed number is “I Am Free” by Bria Patrick. “I love dancing in more contemporary pieces like ‘I Am Free’,” says Senior Bella Thoren. Sophomore dancer Sidney Chukas explains that it may be his favorite number, even though he’s not in it. “I love the music and the way the movement resembles the meaning of the spoken word in the music,” he says, “it is also very simple which can sometimes be most beautiful.”

Some dances may be simple, but ESANDE will perform plenty of technical dances too. “My favorite dance is ‘Inhumane’ because it has really intense choreography,” explains Engel, “we do a lot of lifts.”

In addition to student choreographed prices for hip hop, contemporary, modern, pointe, jazz, tap, and Irish dance, Esande are using three guest artists with the respective styles of Bollywood, Tahitian dance, and breakdance/hip-hop.

“Every single number has a different costume,” says Foss. “The Tahitian ones we’re renting, so those are actually authentic Hawaiian Tahitian costumes,” she continues.

Their songs will range from local favorites by artists like Lorde to songs in foreign languages. “My favorite song being used is Chandelier by Sia,” says Engel.

Their biggest challenge being coordinating all the dancers schedules to be able to rehearse such large group numbers, Foss says they should be able to pull it together by the big night, “they’re excited about it you know, the adrenaline kicks in,” she says.

This large group of dancers are all teaming up to create a unique, multicultural performance right in ETHS. ESANDE will perform tomorrow at 7:30, and March 1 at 3:30 in addition to tonight. Follow ESANDE on twitter (@ETHSdance) and Facebook (ESANDE Orchesis)!