Evanston dresses to impress at Homecoming


Students dance at Homecoming 2015.

Sofie Kennedy, Entertainment Editor

From safari to sparkles.

Tomorrow’s homecoming dance takes a turn for the fancier side of things after students voted for a ‘dress to impress’ theme.

“This year’s homecoming dance is semi-formal this year because the students were able to vote on the theme, opposed to just the student council picking the it,” Director of Student Activities Nichole Boyd says.       

 The theme was voted on by several hundred students. The majority of the votes came from juniors who have never had a formal homecoming, since it stopped being formal around five years ago.

According to students, the idea of a formal homecoming has long been an appealing prospect.

“I love the idea of a more formal homecoming dance because every other school has one except for us, but I don’t know if people will feel obligated to dress up because it’s always been casual before,” junior Ryann Oakley says. “I think more juniors and seniors will be attend rather than freshman and sophomores because the younger grades have their winter formal in only two months.”

Although the majority of students voted on a more formal dance, some students feel like the dance should stay casual.

“Homecoming should stay casual because it’s something our school is known for and it’s funny that our homecoming is so different from other school’s,” sophomore Mia Pitcock said. “I think less people will go this year because nice dresses and shoes are required, which seems like a lot more effort,” says sophomore Mia Pitcock.

The change in theme has additional benefits other than just giving the students what they voted for. Last years dance had a safari theme, which included a petting zoo and animal print face painting. According to Boyd, having a strict theme this year can make all students who attend feel more included.

“There’s always the challenge of making a dance theme feel inclusive,” Boyd says. “I think the theme will make students feel more comfortable because it takes away the discomfort of dressing in costumes and allows students to dress in their own style, instead of conforming to a theme.”

Whereas dances like formal and prom are grade specific, homecoming is the only dance at school which is open to every grade.

“I think it would be cool to have a nice dance that every grade can go to and dress up for,” sophomore Nikki Kimmel says. “Making the dance formal will make more upperclassmen and sophomores want to go.”

In past years, less than a third of the population attended the homecoming dance, the majority of the group being freshmen and seniors.

“The goal is to get 1000 students to go to the dance,” Boyd says. “I want more sophomores and juniors to go to the dance, especially because juniors have been pushing for a formal dance this year.”

The Homecoming dance has had issues with attendance in recent years; but with a formal identity, staff and students look to buck that trend, and perhaps start a new tradition on the way.

The dance is tomorrow night at 7 pm. Tickets can be bought in the lobby after school for $10 and students must have their ID present at arrival.