I don’t love politics, I love this school

I dont love politics, I love this school

Honor Allen, School Board Representative

I don’t love politics. It’s interesting, definitely, but I can’t deal with American flag lapel pins. Despite this, I spent last year as an elected official, I went to Board of Education meetings twice a month, and attended community events. I don’t like what politics in our country looks like currently, but my time as Student Rep has affirmed my belief in the power of collective action.

This year Student Senate and I worked to amplify the voices of every student who came to us with an idea or issue. We supported Marjie Erickson in her fight to change the dress code, guided by the information gathered through surveys we administered in lunch rooms. We also partnered with Nolan Robinson to create the Kit Card discount program after five years of stalling and setbacks.

Even more, we helped an Emerge group facilitate a full day of face time with Eric Witherspoon and Dr. Campbell for all ETHS students, sparking important conversations between the students and our school’s leaders. At the suggestion of junior Chirasree Mandal, we’ve made menstruation hygiene products available, for free, in all student restrooms at ETHS. With help from a coalition of students from our GSA and others, I advocated for a revision of our school’s sex equity policy that will ensure protection for every student, guaranteeing them access to the locker rooms and restrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

As Student Rep, I’ve learned that it is possible for elected officials not to oppress, but rather to support and empower their constituents. It’s up to you, as ETHS students, to be compassionate, understanding leaders.

This was a hard year to be an elected official. Yes, I’m no a congresswoman or anything, but Student Representative counts for something, right?

The issues I have worked on this year as Student Representative have been essential and diverse, just like all the student voices at this school.

Throughout the school year, Student Senate and I worked to amplify the voices of every student who came to us with an idea or issue. I like to think I’m special, but I’m not. I love this school because, honestly, it doesn’t matter very much who the Student Rep is. As long as they care about the school and the voices of the kids who go there, the rest is easy. ETHS students have the ability to get things done.