Members of CARE on Anxiety and Depression

Members of CARE

Dear ETHS Community,

We are writing today to inform you about anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression is

different for everyone. There is no set look or behavior for something like it. It’s not always

hyperventilating, crying, or rocking back and forth in the corner. Anxiety can be avoiding getting

up to get a tissue. It can be taking a bad grade on a project just because you have to present it

in front of the class, no matter how good your project is. Anxiety and depression can be

irrational anger or sadness. It can render you paralyzed and silent, like you’re chained to one

spot and can’t move.

In times like these, people with anxiety or depression may desperately need your help. All signs

of anxiety should be recognized, not just the stereotypes, because someone you care about

may be suffering.

In high school we are expected to succeed in a variety of areas. We deal with the weight and

pressure of classes, homework, college-prep, maintaining a social life, spending time with family

and participating in clubs or sports. High school, and the community found within it, can

contribute to someone’s depression and anxiety. Students and staff at ETHS can work together

to support individuals who deal with depression and anxiety by: showing empathy and

understanding, making tasks that may be daunting to some more manageable and caring for

each other as valuable individuals and not just an id number or a spot on the seating chart.

Show members of the ETHS community that you care. Think about how your actions and words

can influence those around you.


The Members of the CARE Campaign