Female-fronted groups’ success proving gender equality in music


Who run the world? Girls.
For the first time since the mid-’90s, all-female bands have risen to the top of the charts. As boy bands have mainly dominated the music industry, it’s refreshing and empowering to have all-girl bands like Little Mix and Fifth Harmony on Billboard’s top 100. This fuels the fire for feminism.
Boy bands like One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, and N’Sync have set the stereotype that the only successful mono-gender bands are boy bands. However, current standards show that this is simply untrue.
Worldwide, Little Mix’s album Get Weird has sold 7.5 million copies. Fifth Harmony just reached their European leg in their third tour, and this is their first world tour. Through the power of their fans’ support, these groups have proven that the music industry is not a man’s world.
The members of these girl bands are proud pioneers in the music industry, but are tired of being compared to boy bands. Perrie Edwards, a member of Little Mix, is she’s better known as the ex-fiancée to Zayn Malik, who left One Direction earlier this spring. During an interview to promote their new album, Edwards says, “I think that’s a massive compliment, saying that we’re the female 1D. They’re so successful, so incredible, so talented. But yeah, we want to beat them! [Talking about 1D winning all the awards] We’re tired of it.”
A main reason for boy bands’ success is due to teenage girls’ attraction to the band members. Society has progressed, though, to become actual listeners of the music and the lyrics. Fifth Harmony’s lyrics empower girls to believe in themselves; their song “Miss Movin’ On” is about getting through heartbreak and being independent and proud to be a woman.
Although girl bands are gaining popularity, this does not mean that boy bands should be dismissed as unsuccessful. One Direction’s new single “Perfect” topped Billboard’s top 10, marking their fifth top 10 start, the most among any group, including The Beatles.
Having females in the spotlight, singing about girl power can boost a young girl’s self-confidence. By idolizing self-aware females, these fans will have a better self-esteem, which is important for girls in this generation.