Field hockey nets second-ever goal against tough Trevians in loss

Alexis Rogers, Assistant Sports Editor

As the field hockey program has taken strides in recent seasons, games against 2021 state champion New Trier have still been a struggle.

This was the case on Monday night as well, as the Trevians proved too much for the Kits, defeating Evanston, 5-1. While the final score didn’t go in the Orange and Blue’s favor, they did net the second-ever goal that the Kits have netted against New Trier all time.

“We scored against New Trier. That’s the second time we’ve ever scored against them in field hockey,” says head coach Annie Lesch. “We played really well. Mentally, we were in it the whole game and challenging them.”

The first half of the game saw New Trier taking overwhelming control of the ball, remaining in ETHS’ half for almost the entire half hour of gameplay. Despite this, due to a constantly moving defense and incredible goalkeeping by Bridget Lesch, the Kits (8-3) managed to hold the Trevians off to just two goals in the first half.

During the third quarter, the Kits reclaimed possession and found junior Makayla Clark with a chance to put a shot on goal. She took her opportunity and knocked it into the back of the net, resulting in the second point ever earned by a Wildkit hockey player against the Trevians. The first, scored only last year, was the result of alum Madilynn Clark, who now plays for the University of New Hampshire.

“The whole game, we were super positive and working together as a team. When we got it down to our offensive end, we were able to finish,” says Coach Lesch. “[Clark] shined in her corner shot.”

New Trier had the opportunity for at least seven penalty corners throughout the night, opposed to Evanston’s one. As a testament to the solidity of the Kits’ defense, only two of those scoring opportunities resulted in goals.

Goalkeeper Bridget Lesch had many close saves, as the Trevians crowded the box for the majority of the game, providing the team reasons to celebrate as shot after shot was stopped by her fast stick and, at times, feet.

New Trier’s Izzy Morgan and Lucy Smith, with two goals apiece, were instrumental in the Wildkits’ defeat, and the Trevians’ play was praised by Lesch.

“They’re just super fast, super good field hockey players,” says Lesch. “They just are going at a speed and skill level that is to be honest, above our team as a whole.”

The Kits still now look forward to their final two games before the playoffs, which will take place on Tuesday and Thursday this week, at Lake Forest and Lincoln Park respectively.