Pomkits again ready to dominate their dances

When you think of the high school experience at Evanston, images of the football team, cheerleaders and Pomkits come to mind. It’s the school spirit trifecta, if you will. 

At the first home football game on Aug. 26, the Pomkits performed an exciting routine to JUMP by Ciara that got the crowd pumped up. 

“Our routine was very high energy, and I’m proud of everyone that showed up and r put on a show, ” says varsity Pomkit Cecily Jordan. 

Due to the lesser number of home games this year, four as opposed to last year’s five, the Pomkits are ready to maximize the opportunities they have to show the ETHS community what they can do.

“This season we are planning on having a lot of visual choreography, more things in order to have the crowd involved, ” Jordan remarked. 

“The Pomkits have been working hard all summer to change and incorporate different styles of dancing heading into this season,” Pomkits Head Coach Priscilla Ruiz commented. 

After an exciting home opener for the varsity football team, the Pomkits are looking forward to the next home game, homecoming, in fact, against Niles West on Friday, Sept. 30. 

“I’m really excited for what’s to come with this team. I believe that we have all worked together to create something really special here,” says Ruiz. 

“Whether it’s marching in for the game or just the anticipation for when you run onto the field, it’s always really exciting for me, even after two seasons,” says Jordan. 

Like they always have, the Pomkits continue to dominate on and off the field, creating strong bonds that will last a lifetime in the process.

Jordan reflects on the bonds she has made as a Pomkit thus far, and looks toward the future with high hopes.

“I’ve made so many friends on this team, and Coach [Ruiz] continues to bring everyone together, which is great for the future.”