Leadership, camaraderie guides girls lacrosse towards success

Evanston’s girls lacrosse program has historically been great. This past year was no different. Led by a strong senior class, the Kits had an incredibly successful 6-1 conference record. 

Senior Leah Rudolph attributes a good part of this success to a balance of intensity and fun that the Kits put in, game in and game out.

“A lot of the seniors wanted [this season] to be more competitive than last year, which they didn’t really get. We definitely made it a competitive season. But we also had a lot of fun…we were bonded together as a team,” Rudolph remarks.

One of Rudolph’s favorite parts of the season was that while they did well on the field, they managed to do that while spreading around playing time amongst all players. 

Rudolph also credits the team’s wins to the coaches. The coaching staff, led by head coach Sarah McKenna, gave the players good scouting on opponents, making them ready for each and every game. “Our coaches were really good about watching other plays, or videos of other teams playing, so they would tell us what to watch out for.” 

Rudolph hopes that in the upcoming season, all levels of the girls lacrosse program could be more connected. 

“I think we could work together with JV and frosh soph a little bit more, rather than being separated; we all play lacrosse, but we’re on different teams, and I don’t think [our individual teams] have to necessarily identify us completely. Everyone in lacrosse should be working together.” Other than that, Rudolph thinks that the season was extremely successful.

The Kits had an incredible season, and with new players planning to join the team as seniors depart, Rudolph hopes for a season that tops the season they just had.