Boys lacrosse adapts to new team

As its 2022 spring season starts, the boys lacrosse team is expecting many new incoming players after adjusting to COVID-19 restrictions. 

While the first game of the season isn’t until March 17 against St. Viator, the Kits have been working hard in preparation.

“We’re a smaller, younger team. It’s hard to graduate huge classes, and then backfill, so we’re gonna be a little bit young, a little less depth than we usually do. But we still do have plenty of talented players,” head coach Rob Fournie reflects.

With a smaller team this year, leadership is going to be—and has been—an important role that is practiced throughout the whole team. Due to their great senior leadership and supportive coaches, the boys really feel welcomed into this new season.

“We really want to build a nice family model, be supportive for the kids, but also have a good time competing,” Fournie states. 

COVID-19 has changed many ways ETHS is executing sports. While this is happening, it can also make it harder for athletes, and end up becoming a part of the sport. However, for the boys lacrosse team specifically, COVID-19 hasn’t affected the team as negatively as it might have for others. 

“It hasn’t been a distraction for the boys, which I was pretty amazed by because it’s a huge distraction for me. I don’t want to say it’s like it never happened, but I think everybody’s really ready to just move on,” Fournie explains. 

Although COVID-19 may not be a big distraction for the athletes, it was still a very different time overall. COVID-19 had a major effect on the coaches, because, when they came back, they had to readjust themselves and their collaborations. 

“I did coach for two years and, obviously, we had the year off, so we almost had to hit the reset button last year with my assistant coach or myself to rebuild our culture. Kind of re-stamp that“.

“We obviously lost the season that was pretty promising. So it was just good to kind of be back out with the boys playing games and practicing and doing that whole deal.”