Field hockey values teamwork


Photo Courtesy Allison Lemmon

ETHS’s field hockey team is composed of like-minded, connected individuals that rely on teamwork to succeed in its games. Coming out of a restrictive season with few bonding opportunities last year, that is what the Kits planned to focus on this year. 

Though there were some in-person games last season, opportunities for teammates to really get to know each other were scarce. So, one of the important goals within the team this year was to genuinely bond and make meaningful connections.

Sophomore varsity team member Cecilia Simpson reflects on the dedication and hard work that goes into a successful season.

“I hope that more people appreciate the sport and all the hard work that goes into it,” says Simpson. “And I hope that more people join the team, because [I thought] it was way out of my comfort zone [at first, but] and I honestly really enjoy it.”

Thus far, Evanston has retained a record of 7-2-3 with wins against Lakes Community, St. Ignatius, Naperville North, Deerfield, Parker, Antioch on Senior Night and more. 

With practices usually lasting three hours each, along with training outside of those practices, field hockey players truly have to be devoted to the sport. With great devotion, however, comes great reward, and this reward manifests itself in team bonding experiences. 

So far, the field hockey Kits have been all over Evanston, successfully making an effort to strengthen their bond the way they had set out to do. There have been mini golf outings, spaghetti dinners and even Northwestern field hockey games. Besides providing the girls with social opportunities, the team has taught each player important life skills.

“ [From being on the team, I’ve learned] the value of teamwork: really coordinating on the field and knowing where everyone is long with making new friends throughout my sophomore year,” Simpson explains.

Overall, the ETHS field hockey team is looking forward to continuing to strengthen their bonding and ultimately making this season count.