Girls lacrosse team excels together and individually


Photo courtesy of Maggie Farragher

After having their 2020 season stopped before it even started, the ETHS girls lacrosse team came into its 2021 season wanting to make a statement. Both as a team and individually, the lacrosse team excelled this past season, breaking records for both ETHS boys and girls lacrosse teams alike. 

“As a team, it was one of our best years; we usually don’t beat [Glenbrook South], and we beat them this year, so we finished second conference, which was very big. That was one of the first in like 10 years I think our coaches said, which was awesome.” senior Maggie Farragher said.

The lacrosse team won, 21-11, against its rival in GBS, and while the Kits unfortunately lost in their sectional tournament, overall the team still had a remarkable season. 

 “I think we just played really well as a team together overall and individually; I was really proud to make the first all-state. I was very proud of myself but I think, just going back to, as a team we played very well and had a great season,” expressed Farragher. 

Farragher, who made the Illinois first all-state team, was joined by the Class of 2021 seniors Josie Lambert and Mary McClintock. Additionally, the Class of 2021 seniors Sophia Cosma and Sydney O’Malley, respectively, made the second all-state team and an honorable mention.  

It was not an easy road for the team to make as much of an impact as they did. With its 2020 season cut short and strict restrictions put in place on the team, building a strong community, which is vital for the success of players, was to say the least difficult.

“It was hard, because last year we didn’t really have a season, so it was definitely like a new group of girls, which was a little challenging and especially with COVID-19 we weren’t really allowed to meet outside of practices in games,” Farragher said. “At the beginning of the season, we kind of set a goal that we were just going to try our hardest to do best, and, obviously, some of our goals were to beat New Trier and Loyola, but we didn’t have that many big goals. I think it kind of just came into play with the team, which is nice.”

After having an extremely successful season, the team is already looking to next year. As a team leader, Farragher wants to emphasize team bonding and its importance for the team’s overall performance. 

“I think that next year, we’ll have a very new group of girls, which will be very fun and also be a little challenging.” Farragher added, “and I’m also very excited to lead a team which will be fun as I’ve been on varsity for three years and I just love playing for Evanston. I love our coaches and everything about it so it’s just always fun to play for the high school, so I look forward to next season a lot.”