In virtual meets, boys swimming and diving speeds past competition

Jared Tucker, Staff writer

As the coronavirus continues to ravage through the area, the boys swimming and dive team is trying to have fun and race while still managing to be safe and win competitions. As the season has gone on, the team has faced new types of practices and competitions, but using the support from their teammates, the Wildkits have managed to rack up dominant wins against Niles West and Main South. 

Meets this year for swimming and diving are virtual and are split up into different groups, but the ‘Kits are still managing to feed off of each other’s energy and have a lot of fun.

“We all do a good job of keeping each other motivated and having fun.” said varsity swimmer Charlie Duffy. “[COVID-19] has prevented us from many of the physical interactions we are used to, but not from staying connected mentally,” he said. 

Duffy hopes to continue to use this positive energy for the rest of the season, as the team closed in on the conference tournament in mid-March. “With each successful meet, we are only becoming more and more motivated,” he said. 

After falling to New Trier on Feb. 26, the Wildkits were still looking at the future and planning to stay motivated through the rest of the season.

“Our strategy for the rest of the season is to stay focused and narrow down on our last few meets of the season…we’re really going to need everyone on the team to bring their most supportive attitudes and swim fast.”

Evanston dominated Glenbrook South, which propelled them into an impressive third-place finish in its conference, where Charlie Duffy, Caden Hardy and Charlie Herrick broke the team record.