ETHS’ athletics department hopes for a summer season

Eli Cohen and Peter Barbato

On April 21, The IHSA announced the suspension of all remaining activities for the 2019-20 school year. Despite being anticipated by many, the news was gut-wrenching to every student athlete that prepared for months prior to their season.

For now, ETHS Athletic Director Chris Livatino is holding onto hope that the hard work of each spring student athlete will be celebrated in some way.

“I’m still keeping out hope that we have what I would call more of a celebration season, or a showcase season. I’m still hoping that we get a chance with a little two week window to get our sports teams back together in June,” Livatino said. “Every day and every week it gets a little less hopeful, but I have not given up on that yet at all.”

Although some may say the idea is too far-fetched, Livatino wants to have a plan so if it is possible, the opportunity will be maximized.

“Until somebody says no, or that it’s impossible, I’m going to continue to plan for that short summer season,” Livatino explained. “It’s our job to plan for the things that might happen in the future.”

As Livatino is preparing to celebrate the Kits, he credits ETHS administration for giving him the freedom to outline a potential summer season.

“I will say that many of our other CSL brothers have backed off that hopeful feeling, and superintendents have stepped in at other schools and said that the season was done, and no games would be played. But one of the things I love about Dr. Witherspoon and Dr. Campbell is that they keep hope alive. We all recognize it’s a longshot, but why not still give yourself the chance to make that shot,” Livatino said.

Times are tough for many people right now, but Livatino’s goal is something that can brighten the future of ETHS’ student athletes. With a possible two week season in the summer, spring athletes have something to work towards during quarantine.